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Business reports in your pocket.

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Automate brand management.

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Success Stories


How tinyAlbert Increased - pogo cycle to revenue?

This AI-based platform promised to streamline marketing efforts with personalized messaging and automate customer journey touchpoints. It offered the possibility to better understand their customers, make predictive recommendations, and significantly improve customer engagement.The migration process was remarkably smooth and took less than 20 minutes to set up the entire program, a minimal investment compared to the potential returns. The results over the next three months after the migration to tinyAlbert AI were astonishing.


How tinyEmail Helped - Cubba Bubba grow their business?

love that tinyEmail is a pretty young Canadian business and its values align with mine. The customizable email and pop-up templates are beautiful and so easy to work with. The one thing I love MOST about tinyEmail is the unparalleled customer support. I've yet to see this level of hands-on customer support by any other email app...or any other Shopify app for that matter!


How tinyAlbert optimised - OverActive Media’s shopify store?

OverActive Media's decision to leverage the TinyAlbert AI Marketing App for their Shopify stores resulted in significant improvements in their marketing efficiency, conversion rates, and overall profitability. This case study illustrates how AI-driven strategies can greatly enhance marketing programs and outcomes in the e-commerce industry.


Transformed my business

Started using tinyAlbert a few weeks ago. We have been in business for 3 years now and have yet to create a viable ad calendar. Within a day of adding TinyAlbert, we had a calendar of ads set to go out with the ability to modify or automatically regenerate any advertisement as needed. Great support in getting things up and running (it was actually quite simple). One strong point with tinyAlbert is that they check in with us frequently to see how they can assist. Kudos to Laxman, who provides support and suggestions on optimising ads. I will provide more input as time progresses, but thus far, we are miles ahead of where we were using our more traditional email apps. Also, kudos to Vidya and to Tim, who got us started with this application.


Lassy Chester - CEO

Exceptional developer tenacity

The most relentless app developer we’ve come across.


Travis Anderson - CEO

tinyAlbert - has saved us thousands!

At Overactive Media, home to the Toronto Defiant, Toronto Ultra, and Madrid Lions E-Gaming teams, we faced the monumental challenge of juggling multiple Shopify stores and managing our email marketing campaigns. It felt like we were in a relentless game of catch-up, trying to connect with our fans in the most effective way. Then, we discovered tinyAlbert's AI. This game-changer revolutionized our approach, seamlessly automating what once was a complex maze of tasks. Now, we're not just staying ahead; we're setting the pace, ensuring every fan interaction is as dynamic and engaging as our teams. With tinyAlbert, we transformed our struggle into our strength.


Dre Voudouris - Sr. Marketing Manager

Email genius: Time saver!

This is an Einstein of an app! I had been postponing email promotions as I dreaded writing so many emails on my own, and I also wanted an app that had templates for Shopify transactional email and suddenly, this app came as a boon. :) The best part is that it's cost-effective as well and could save you possibly hundreds of hours of manual work, and you could literally have an entire email campaign set up in minutes. Crazy good stuff here!


Kim Uzzell - Owner

Top notch email apps with stellar support & delivery

I found this app from a YouTube video because the tutorials for other email marketing apps alone seemed daunting. This app is incredible, and there is amazing customer service, I spoke with Vidya Shekhar about an issue and she stayed and not only helped me with the problem but walked me through the whole app! I highly recommend this app!


Laurel Rose - Owner

Amazing company & products

After integrating tinyEmail into our operations at Basso Bikes, we experienced a paradigm shift in how we approach our email marketing strategies. The platform's intuitive design and powerful automation tools have enabled us to craft personalized, engaging campaigns that resonate deeply with our cycling community. The analytics features provide us with real-time insights, allowing us to fine-tune our approach and achieve unprecedented engagement levels. tinyEmail has not only simplified our email marketing efforts but has also significantly amplified our brand's voice, ensuring that every message we send out rides straight to the heart of our audience. It's a game-changer for any brand looking to elevate their digital communication.


Joshua Riddle - Marketing Director

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